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Simplicity 8834: A Tank Top

I started sewing initially because I wanted to alter thrift store finds and create shapes and styles I couldn’t find in ready to wear clothing. I’m happy to say that I finally feel I’ve honed sufficient skills to be able to do this. Of course, I still have a lot to learn, but it is so rewarding to put on a piece of clothing that I feel so comfortable in and know that I made this with my own hands.

Among the pieces I’ve sewn this summer that contributed to that feeling is a tank top I continue to make from a Simplicity pattern (8834). Clearly it’s not a complicated top, but it’s comfortable and I can sew it in three hours.

blue tank 2 blue tank


Although I have this tank top in four or five fabrics, I posted picture of the one I wore the most this summer. It’s made of African wax fabric I bought in Senegal. (Although I wear this tank top a lot, I should point out I made a small mistake in cutting the back so it blouses a bit. I’m certain I’m the only one who notices though. This is also why you only get to see the front.)