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Long-sleeved, cotton blend jersey shirt.

Last year I tested a roomy long-sleeved shirt pattern from the 80’s. The shoulder seams are intentionally placed further down the sleeve and I liked the way it draped. When I tested the pattern, I used a cheap polyester and it turned out surprisingly well. I don’t wear  the muslin to work because the fabric is flawed, but it’s one of my favorite winter, weekend shirts.

I wanted to try the same pattern in cotton jersey. I find jersey difficult to sew and I want to master that skill. The last time I sewed with jersey, the neckline stretched out and I had to make some alterations to the pattern just to make it wearable. This time around, I’m prepared; I bought a twin needle. I’m still not sure I want to use the twin needle, though. The neckline has a facing and I blind-hemmed it thinking I might want to keep the sleeves and shirt bottom with the raw edge since jersey has a tendency to curl nicely giving a somewhat finished edge.

Here’s where I’m at:

IMG_20141116_223205 IMG_20141116_222832


And, sewing may be slowed due to a sudden urge to reupholster this chair. Also planning to patch our plaster ceiling in the bathroom as well as install some shelves in our closet. All practice for my future career as a carpenter. Yep.