Monthly Archives: January 2015


I made napkins… We recently had a guest over for dinner and realized all we had in the form of material to wipe our mouths with was dollar store paper toweling. Not that big of a deal, but pretty silly since I own mountains of fabric. Not a difficult project, but I’m pleased nonetheless.



An apron

It’s 2015 and I haven’t done nearly as much sewing as I hoped. I did manage to finish an apron. I’m not very happy with it, though. I enlarged it from a child’s size and the arm holes are too big. I made a single pleat to fix the issue but I’m annoyed that I’ll have to adjust the pattern. I lined the entire apron and added pockets and lace. Things I’d do differently: lengthen it by two inches, decrease the bottom of the arm holes and use a better fabric in conjunction with binding in lieu of lining the apron.


Oh well, it’s an apron after all.