Taking manual pictures is hard…


Manual photography is difficult. See evidence above and below… The photo above is my own and the following are taken by Aaron. He said my shutter speed was probably slow since my image appeared in focus when I was aiming. I’m going to need lots of coaching.

…On to the sewing. The shirt pictured is another McCall’s 4380:


I tried to lengthen it, which was a disaster. It looks ok from the front, but see the backside below. I’m not sure, but I think the issue came from lengthening the bottom instead of the middle. (That’s what directions are for, dummy)


There was huge bulk in the back and after an unsuccessful attempt to add back darts, I gave up and inserted a tie in the back to gather the extra fabric. It works but it’s a bit too precious for me.


I also wouldn’t use such a stiff cotton for this shirt if I planned to do this collar again. It worked in the flannel because there was a bit more stretch with the fabric. I think I could use a quilter’s cotton if I chose either of the button up styles of the pattern… next time…



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