Solarfast and Babies


So… I made some tea towels for my sister’s baby shower using Solarfast and a photo of her sonogram.



Solarfast products are really easy to use and fairly affordable. In total I spent about $30 for the solar film, dye and wash. I spent another $12 on the fabric, a woven cotton that has the texture of a linen. Of course, it was important to find cotton since it dyes well and as a towel, it’s absorbent.


Since I had the materials out, I made some prints of my cat too. Darling, isn’t he?

IMG_20150125_130045 IMG_20150125_135127

The directions call for the black ink to sit in the sun for about an hour any time from 11 am to 2pm. I found these needed much more (2-3 hours) and I think in general this would probably be a better summer project. I had to keep shifting the prints as the sunlight changed.

IMG_20150125_150758  IMG_20150125_123923

The end product is much more faded, but probably not as faded as it appears in the pictures which were taken in the evening.

DSC00328 IMG_20150125_155119IMG_20150125_155053


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