We went to Boston a few weeks ago. It was cold and somewhat disappointing. We stayed in an area overlapped by the Theater District and Chinatown.

Chinatown, unsurprisingly, contains/ed the garment district. I’d have never know that except we walked past a plaque stating so on the One Lincoln Street building.

Knowing that an industrial community used to exist where a sterile set of office buildings and chain fast food restaurants now dominates, was kind of depressing. I guess it’s the effect of gentrification and the replacement of something so cultural and tactile with florescent office lights, cubicle farms, ultra modern condos and Quiznos. Is it possible there is some culture in these things and it will just take 100 years for me to appreciate it? If that is the case, I hope my sentiments are never validated.

Anyway, there are still a couple fabric stores in the area and I made it to¬†Winmil Fabrics. The selection and prices were ok. The woman behind the counter was cold and unhelpful. I won’t go back.

The pictures below show the one fabric I thought was interesting enough to purchase.




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