Monthly Archives: April 2015

Nursing Blanket

I finished a nursing cover this weekend. I need to make another, but this will go in the mail today since my sister’s baby came earlier than expected.

wpid-img_20150412_1410302.jpg.jpg wpid-img_20150412_14103922.jpg.jpg

There are a lot of tutorials for nursing covers and they aren’t difficult to sew. Most of them call for a piece of boning for the stability around the neck (so the mother can look down and see the baby). I didn’t have boning on hand, so I cut up a two liter soda bottle. The piece came to about 13 in. which is  about what the tutorials were calling for.


Other than that, straight forward measuring, pressing and hemming really.

Grow Herbs


I also managed to re-pot some herbs. I bought them last week and unfortunately they are already looking desperate. From what I read, that’s probably because they are not getting enough light. It sounds like I’ll need to supplement the daylight with a grow light and possibly take them from the window at night if it gets too cold. I bought a grow light bulb this weekend, but unless I can put it on a timer, I’m not sure I’m ready to commit to turning on the bulb and rotating the plants to and from the window everyday.