Monthly Archives: March 2019

Taking some time to practice

I’ve been pretty busy with patternmaking and tailoring classes the last couple years. Between classes and a demanding job, it’s been hard to really practice what I’ve been learning. I’m excited to take some time to do just that. Below is the first article of clothing I’ve ever drafted for myself. I realize it looks like a simple pencil skirt, and well, it is. But, it took me a lot of drafts to get the fit right. It was tedious but partly my own fault because my math was off in in my initial draft. The best part about drafting this skirt is that I finally have a sloper skirt. So, all the vintage patterns I have where the bust fits but the bottom is too small, I can easily swap out the bottom half for my sloper skirt. Woot!

Patterning 233 and Ladies Tailoring II

I just realized that I never posted a single photo of my patternmaking or ladies tailoring class from Fall 2017. Probably because I was so overwhelmed and then I went straight into Coats and Suits. Eee.

Anyway, for documenting purposes, PM 233:

And below, is a vest from Tailoring II.There were two pairs of pants but I haven’t photographed them.