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I finished PM II, Web Design and Construction I. I must’ve been exhausted because I never posted pics or updates of my work. Construction I kinda fizzled and I don’t feel like posting about my website. So, here is my final project from PM II.

I’m happy with the results but unfortunately it was made on a dress for about two sizes bigger than me. 


Woa, I finished a shirt while taking three classes and working full-time. To be fair this shirt has been cut out for almost half a year. 

It’s a pretty straightforward pattern, although I continue to dread any pattern with gathers. Why is it so hard to get an even gather?!

Another continued theme, I love my blind hemmer, still. Maybe each time more.

All in all. I like the pattern and the fit and I’ll probably do another in a different fabric.It’s perfect for work, me thinks.


The elections and aftermath have been challenging to say the least. To deal with the heaviness of it all, I decided to try to keep as occupied as possible by taking three classes this semester.

I’m currently enrolled in patternmaking II at FIT and Construction I and Web Fundamentals at New School. Thankfully the take home work hasn’t been too grueling and I’ve managed to keep my weekends mostly free.

Classes at New School are much less detailed than FIT. So far, it’s hard to tell whether the Construction I will actually expand my skills significantly. I have learned to drape a bodice, but we won’t get to skirts or pants. I do like draping more than I thought though and I think it’s going to really help with my fitting skills.

I realized finally that my sideseam measurement is an inch too wide as can be seen in the pic below

So far, patternmaking II has been all a review of PM I. I suspect the concepts will accelerate in the next class… I hope!

Web Fundamentals is funner than I thought it would be. I don’t know if I could teach myself though. The idea of coming home and reading HTML and CSS coding does not appeal to me in the least. The class setting has been so critical in keeping me on task.

Ladies Tailoring I

I finished Ladies Tailoring I at FIT on Monday. I spent an entire semester sewing just TWO skirts.In fairness. I employed several techniques that were new to me. Hong Kong binding, sewing a full lining, using a felling and pick stitch, sewing on an industrial sewing machine.

But, I live in NJ and spent nearly 3 times as much on the class as my classmates, and my professor’s instruction was pretty disappointing. He often forgot names of stitches, never gave handouts and forget discussing alternative methods or historical context.

I’m glad it’s over and happy with my skirts. I wore the orange one (fabric from Mood) yesterday and the green wool one today.


We went DTS this weekend and stopped in Red Bank for some shopping and food on our way back. We stumbled in a thrift store where I found this awesome silk number. It needs some repair but thankfully the damage is all on the seams.


I’m really in love with the collar. I think I need to replicate it in a shirt-sized garment.

Bias Binding and Other Stuff


It’s been a while since my last post and it’s a definite reflection of how little I have been sewing as well as how busy I am at work. 10-14 hour days have left little time and energy for sewing.
In the last month, I finished one project and it’s not even photo worthy. I Wii likely take it back to the machine and finish the edges.

In any case, I did buy a whole load of new sewing supplies between Christmas and now. Exhibit A above is the product of an eBay purchased seam binder. I am full in love with this sewing foot. I can’t say how many times I’ve angrily given up on bias binding projects because the stitching is uneven on one or both sides of the binding. This foot is proof the having the right tools can make all the difference.

I also bought the correct cams for my 401A as well several other slant shank feet. All the result of realizing I didn’t have a zipper foot for my machine… that I’ve had a year. Yea. Yep. Anyway…

When I went home for Christmas, I picked up some fabric as well. I need to stop buying fabric, I’m not sewing fast enough. I’ll post pictures later…

I was also supposed to leave home with a sewing machine I purchased on a prior visit but then my dad gifted me my great grandmother’s singer and I got overwhelmed and left them both in Wisconsin.

Since Christmas I’ve started four projects and finished one. It took all my effort just to get them cut out, they are just awaiting to be stitched.

Oh yea… And… I started a patternmaking class at FIT last week. I really love the teacher and I’m so excited to finally take a class at the school. Bought my L ruler and am ready to measure every inch of a $2,000 dress form!

Muslin for a Baby Baptism Dress


My sister asked me to make her daughter’s baptism dress. I altered a pattern a bit and created a muslin for fitting since she lives in another state.


In my haste I realized I didn’t adjust the pattern straps. They are drafted to button on the top, so the back strap is longer. I should have cut them even despite the pattern. I’ll have to fix that tomorrow before sending.


In addition to creating a straight a-line shape, I also added a loop and ribbon in the back to more easily get the dress over my niece’s head. I hope there’s enough room!


I also realized if I had paid a bit more attention (or any) to pattern placement the floral design would be perfectly centered. It’s off an inch or so and it’s killing me! Oh well, that’s why we make muslins.

Updated with shortened straps:

When French Seams Go Bad

I’m really in love with my Simplicity 9043 pattern right now. I finished three t-shirts this weekend but I managed to take pictures of only one. The fabric I used was a thick polyester I’ve had on hand for some time. This one turned OK…





You can see on the sleeves that the seams look a little clumsy. I tried to use French seams on the entire shirt, but the fabric is too thick for that. I may try to serge the armholes later when I change the black thread from my serger some day. I’m lazy…


Oh hey, Jersey City!

Simplicity 9043

This Simplicity pattern has a great 20’s shape that I’m drawn to.


The second time I looked at it, I realized I could take the skirt off to make a comfortable top with flattering sleeves.



I’m pretty happy with the result. The sleeves are comfortable and the body is roomy enough without looking awkward.


Part of the success was using this polyester cotton knit that I bought in Wisconsin at a fabric store located on a farm outside my hometown. Pretty elegant looking for country fashion.