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Dyeing vs Painting Shoes

For those that read sewing blogs you might have seen this post.

I made the mistake of trying to dye a pair bright yellow Nine West shoes green. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that the dye wouldn’t take because the leather was painted. To save the shoes, I bought a gray shoe spray paint.


Here’s a picture of the disaster I made with dye:


And, here’s after one coat:


And, done:


Looks great, right?

I’m pretty happy. It’s pretty difficult to find shoes this color gray difficult too. So, I’m glad to have a can of paint on store.


Starting and Finishing

I’ve been starting a lot of projects lately – more than I can finish in even the next two months. I have an inability to concentrate on anything for too long and a need to always have something to look forward to.

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Sewing on Halt

Hi – There


So, the sewing is on halt for another week due to our bookshelves project. It’s pretty much taken over our project room. Despite having to break on our other hobbies, I’m increasingly happier with every shelf I paint.


We both always dreamed of a wall-to-wall bookshelf. It’s good to be an adult. Those two thoughts are related, but I’m too lazy to fill it in with words. Posted some pictures so I don’t have to write anymore.