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Taking some time to practice

I’ve been pretty busy with patternmaking and tailoring classes the last couple years. Between classes and a demanding job, it’s been hard to really practice what I’ve been learning. I’m excited to take some time to do just that. Below is the first article of clothing I’ve ever drafted for myself. I realize it looks like a simple pencil skirt, and well, it is. But, it took me a lot of drafts to get the fit right. It was tedious but partly my own fault because my math was off in in my initial draft. The best part about drafting this skirt is that I finally have a sloper skirt. So, all the vintage patterns I have where the bust fits but the bottom is too small, I can easily swap out the bottom half for my sloper skirt. Woot!

Patterning 233 and Ladies Tailoring II

I just realized that I never posted a single photo of my patternmaking or ladies tailoring class from Fall 2017. Probably because I was so overwhelmed and then I went straight into Coats and Suits. Eee.

Anyway, for documenting purposes, PM 233:

And below, is a vest from Tailoring II.There were two pairs of pants but I haven’t photographed them.

Last spring I finished a Coats and Suits class at FIT. It was hard or rather busy and I never posted a single blog post but I have loads of pics of my drafts and a couple of my Muslims. My final product had to be in fabric. I got sick the day before it was due and had to put it together in less than 12 hours. It was terrible but I finished all albeit without buttonholes. I’m still incredibly satisfied I finished the class while working a stressful job more than full-time. And, about a month ago I finally received my certificate in Patternmaking from FIT! I’m not done with classes but for now I want to pause and practice my skills.

Below is my final muslin.

I finished PM II, Web Design and Construction I. I must’ve been exhausted because I never posted pics or updates of my work. Construction I kinda fizzled and I don’t feel like posting about my website. So, here is my final project from PM II.

I’m happy with the results but unfortunately it was made on a dress for about two sizes bigger than me. 


The elections and aftermath have been challenging to say the least. To deal with the heaviness of it all, I decided to try to keep as occupied as possible by taking three classes this semester.

I’m currently enrolled in patternmaking II at FIT and Construction I and Web Fundamentals at New School. Thankfully the take home work hasn’t been too grueling and I’ve managed to keep my weekends mostly free.

Classes at New School are much less detailed than FIT. So far, it’s hard to tell whether the Construction I will actually expand my skills significantly. I have learned to drape a bodice, but we won’t get to skirts or pants. I do like draping more than I thought though and I think it’s going to really help with my fitting skills.

I realized finally that my sideseam measurement is an inch too wide as can be seen in the pic below

So far, patternmaking II has been all a review of PM I. I suspect the concepts will accelerate in the next class… I hope!

Web Fundamentals is funner than I thought it would be. I don’t know if I could teach myself though. The idea of coming home and reading HTML and CSS coding does not appeal to me in the least. The class setting has been so critical in keeping me on task.


It’s week eight of my patternmaking class at FIT. We finished the bodice, sleeve and skirt and this week we are working on manipulating darts.


I really like the teacher; she’s really patient and experienced. My only criticism of the class is the syllabus doesn’t suggest additional resources/text. I ended up buying a patternmaking book by Helen Armstrong because I missed one class and also the notes I took in class aren’t always legible. It’s interesting to see the subtle differences (1/4 in here or there) between her instructions vs the book. I wonder if it’s due to her experience, an accepted method at FIT or the forms we are using.


Overall, I’m enjoying the class. I was a little worried because I took patternmaking when I couldn’t get into Ladies Tailoring. I was concerned it would be too technical and tedious… Also it eats half my Sunday. While it can be laborious, I like it anyway.


Class Two – Drafting the Back Bodice

The second class and assignment went smoothly. I finished the assignment in class, actually. It may have helped I took a pattern making class before based on Dorothy Moore’s book :


Compared to the Moore book, the measurements are slightly more comprehensive at FIT, so far anyway. I will agree with other bloggers though that the FIT class is only focused on measuring a dress form… to the point that we are instructed to find and measure from specific seams on the dress form. I’m not sure how this translates to actual people…

Photos to come.