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Sleeve Placket


It took me months to face the sleeve plackets on my western shirt and I’m still not happy with how they turned out.  The pattern called for a more simple version than the traditional plackets you see on collared shirts. Even so, I found the plackets incredibly difficult and tedious in the same way I loathe applying bias binding. The front stitching looks ok but like bias binding, I can never catch the back evenly. Also, because of the tight curve at the top of the slit it looks like I created a wrinkle shooting from the apex. I’m not certain of the wrinkle because the slit closed gives another shape. I’ll have to wait until the cuff it on to really be sure.

Because I HAD to take a break from the wrist area, I managed to make progress with a sleeve, easing it in without any tucks. Woohoo! I think I may have cheated by shrinking the armpit/ shoulder hole of the sleeve and enlarging the armpit hole of the bodice. Hopefully that doesn’t have a negative impact on the fit. When I tried it on, it seemed to fit, though.


Scanning Patterns – Pt. 2


A few months ago, I shared a scanner hack I found on the nets. A few weeks ago, I finally finished modifying a Cannon Lide 90 I bought on ebay using a Dremel saw. Dremel tools are much less powerful than I had hoped. The sawing took almost a half a day and I never did bother with sanding the edges of the plastic  to make them smooth. Anyway, I had some initial trouble with the scanner falling off the track and once I got that back in securely, I was mostly ok – minus the always annoying download of drivers on ancient laptops we have around the house.

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An apron

It’s 2015 and I haven’t done nearly as much sewing as I hoped. I did manage to finish an apron. I’m not very happy with it, though. I enlarged it from a child’s size and the arm holes are too big. I made a single pleat to fix the issue but I’m annoyed that I’ll have to adjust the pattern. I lined the entire apron and added pockets and lace. Things I’d do differently: lengthen it by two inches, decrease the bottom of the arm holes and use a better fabric in conjunction with binding in lieu of lining the apron.


Oh well, it’s an apron after all.


Scanning Patterns

I’ve become somewhat of a hoarder when it comes to vintage sewing patterns, and I decided a while back I could not hold on to nearly 500 sewing patterns. To encourage my giving them up, I determined I would need to copy them manually or electronically. After a bit of digging, I stumbled on the following tutorial:

Scanner Modifications to Scan Large Documents | Matthew Petroff –

I purchased the referenced scanner and began pulling it apart tonight only to realize I need a Dremel tool. Gah! TBC…